ABC aims to provide the highest possible healthcare in the fields of Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Dental Care and Bariatric Surgery and to develop medical services in this specialty. The physicians and staff of ABC are well-trained, highly skilled, and experienced dermatologists and dermatopathologists, who can help you assess, treat, and improve the condition of your skin, Face and Body.

What We Do

Aesthetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology

Most Updated Technologies: Cellulite Treatment, Body Skin Firming, Tightening, Reshaping & Restoring Skin Tone.

Dental Care

Scaling & Polish, Orthodontic,  Bleaching, Implant, Composite Filling, Laminate, Crowns, Veneer.

Medical Nutritional Therapy & Bariatric Surgery

Body Composition Analysis, Weight Management, Nutritional Therapy, Maternal Nutrition.